Joaquin Cortes is a famous Spanish flamenco dancer. He founded Joaquín Cortés Flamenco Ballet company in 1992. It gave him an opportunity to create his own fusion of flamenco, ballet and modern dance. He also made a guest appearances in well-known shows. " Joaquín Cortés is the artistic reference point for the twenty-first century. He is the embodiment of strength, provocation, attraction. His look seduces and bewitches, his sensual movements enthral. He is sheer magnetism. He is a provocative artist who is able to fuse traditional flamenco with the most modern features of every culture. He is passion and elegance, professionalism and perfectionism, tradition and culture. His spectacular performances have graced the world’s most important stages, for which he has gained thoroughly deserved international accolades." - a note from the brand.

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